Marshmallows, Graham Crackers & Cocoa

Very Vanilla - Our soft and fluffy version of a traditional marshmallow. With the Very Vanilla flavor, there is no mistaking these for store bought "plain" mallows. Perfect for just munching out of the package or as a great match to our hot cocoa.

Chocolate - You can never have too much chocolate. Try this with peanut butter as an excellent alternative to traditional vanilla s'mores.

Lemon Meringue - If you like lemon meringue pie you will love this marshmallow version. Tangy lemon flavor and fluffy meringue all in one bite. Try this in tea, it is delicious!

Raspberry - Our favorite for eating all by itself. Made with real pureed raspberries, it has the playful pink color while tasting light and fruity.

Graham Crackers
Eat these and you will never go back to store bought graham crackers again. A delightful mix of crunchy and chewy with a delicate butter-honey flavor. These are perfect with tea or combined with our marshmallows.

Triple Chocolate Cocoa Mix
Three different chocolates mixed with sugar to create the right balance for a rich creamy cocoa. No powdered milks or creams, just pure chocolate.